Glass care

Hello! Thank you for checking out my stained glass care tips. The advice here is just what I have found to be the best method of care. Everyone does things differently. If you're still uncertain about things, send me a message. 

General Care

Every stained glass item is fragile and should be handled with care. It is always best to display your piece in a place with minimal contact and where it cannot be easily bumped. Please do not ever use a suction cup to hang your piece. I recommend a command hook, (I have had great luck, some people hate them) a screw in hook or a nail. 

Every piece that I send out has been cleaned and waxed. To maintain, simply wipe with a microfiber cloth. Do not use any chemical on your stained glass piece. If needed, water and dawn dish soap can be used to wash it. If it has lost its shine, you can use caranauba car wax to restore the shine. The wax slows the oxidation process. It is natural for oxidation to happen over time. If this happens, please use a wet q-tip to wipe it away. Please do not ever use anything abrasive on your stained glass piece. It can scuff and damage the solder and glass. 


Stained glass is made with lead. It is still safe to handle. Lead is only dangerous if inhaled or ingested. Just to be safe, please keep away from kids and pets. Wash your hands after handling.